Klara Kousalova – Fashion model & actress : « Hiking Miracles – GR20 » in competition at the Travel FilmFest (TRAFF)

Hello Klara, could you please introduce yourself ?

Hello, I am an actress from Prague, Czech Republic. Since I was 15, I was travelling around the world as a fashion model. Therefore I found out travelling as the best way to get to know other cultures and environment and I felt in love to discover them.

film hiking miracles gr20
Klara Kousalova : actress in Hiking Miracles – GR20

Have you ever gone for a hike before GR20 ?

I was hiking in Bolivia, India, Austria and the most in Slovenia. However the GR20 was the most difficult for sure, because it was my first long distance trek and we did our film in the same time. We did not have any extra days for filming… so we did both the GR20 and our shooting in 16 days.

Concerning about hiking in your country, could you advise us some hikes ?

We don’t have any famous long distance treks in Czech Republic, but we have over 40.000 km wonderful mark trails. In other words in such small country it is hiking paradise. My favorite places are Sumava NP aka green heart of Europe, Beskydy – mountains near borders to Slovakia, Krkonose and Orlicke mountains near borders to Poland.

You are featured in the movie “Hiking Miracles – GR20”, which will be displayed in the Official Selection of the Travel FilmFest 2017. Could you tell us more about it ?

About the film:

We started almost a year ago. We have spent the pre-production part more than two months. Michal (producer and director of the film) has to develop whole new process of filming in such difficult terrain. We didn’t have almost any budget for the film. We were just driven by our hearts that we have to make a hiking documentary movie with the story, beautiful music, and good camera.

klara kousalova bavellla gr20 corse
Klara Kousalova near Bavellla – GR20 –

We wanted to inspire young people to go outside and of course to show this amazing place to people, who are not able to hiking in this kind of environment. So now, they are able to watch it and enjoy it.

About the filmfest:

Travel Film festival in Cyprus was our first nomination at all. So we were excited and after eleven months of daily work, it was amazing boost-shot. But I have to happily say that it was just the beginning. In this time we were honored by four others achievements (not public yet, but you can follow our Facebook page for further informations : www.facebook.com/hikingmiracles

We are really happy, because our goal was to transfer soul of hiking into the movie to make extraordinary hiking film, and internationally jury in five different film festivals confirmed that.

hiking miracles gr20 corsica
Hiking Miracles GR20

Concerning about the GR20, when did you hihe there ? Which way ? Which start and finish stage ?

We have been there on September 2016 and we were going from North to South. We finished in 16 days, but it was not easy because of shooting. We made over 1.300 shoots. We hiked and shot from the sunrise to sunset.

Monte Cinto GR20 - Klara Kousalova
Monte Cinto GR20 – Klara Kousalova

Roughly, what equipment did you take ?

First you must be emphasized that we were in two, me and Michal. So we have a drone and camera with us. It is 10 kg. Michal had 3,8 kg of all of his stuffs including backpack, shoes, clothes and even tent for two!! I had 6 kg, because I did not have such an ultralight equipment with me.

Well I don’t like freeze-dried food, so I preferred rise or pasta with something (vegetables, cheese, meat etc.). Cereals in the morning are absolutely necessary. You can fill the water in refuge every day, which is one of the biggest benefits of the GR20.

Positives feedbacks ?

We were little worried about shooting, because some people don’t like it, specially drone, but hikers are the best. They understood, they were curious and wanted to cooperate.

Negatives feedbacks ?

We didn’t have any negative feedbacks. Of course weather was sometimes really rough, but we were well prepared for this. It is part of GR20 🙂

How do you like GR20 ?

I will use one of the sentences from the film. NATURE HERE IS INCREDIBLE DIVERSE ! !

I am travelling a lot, but every day on GR20 is different, I have never seen it before.

Which was your favorite stage, and your favorite shelter ?

There is no favorite stage for me. I guess it is all about hiking, to be in nature, to be out in the open. It is the best stage !!

If you should do again this hike, what would you change ?

Believe it or not, everything was superb. Only one thing maybe : we wanted to spend more time on the GR20 🙂 I will definitely come back and I plan to do it other way round, from South to North and I will come in June. Just to see the GR20 in different colours and views.

Corsican moutains – GR20

Which advices could you share to people whom are thinking to go for a GR20’s hike ?

Go light and go in a way how you can enjoy it the most.

Would you like to suggest something else ?

Wish? Michal and I, we have the same goal. People always say, we have to teach children about nature and wilderness. It is true for sure. But kids are not a beginning of a chain. The real beginning is their parents. They are responsible for showing young generation how to care about nature and how they can enjoy life and living in the nature in the best possible way. We hope, we will be able to spread the film to everyone who care about his environment and we wish to inspire others to not shut their eyes…

Klara Kousalova
Klara Kousalova

Thank you Klara !

And all the best for the Travel Film Festival (Final ceremony on October 19-22, 2017)

Teaser of the Hiking Miracles – GR20 movie :

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