SeungJun Beak from South Korea – Traveling around the word

Hello SeungJun, could you introduce yourself please ?

Hi. I’m SeungJun Beak from South Korea. I’m into travelling in nature and adventurous things, such as hiking, camping, swimming, diving, cliff jumping, etc. And photography.


I’d love to show people the beauty of nature. And of course, I want to remember the moment and all the places I’ve been to.

I’ve seen on your Instagram that you are travelling around the word. Could you tell us more ?

The “real” travelling, I started it from Nov 2013. (Had been some countries before “as a tourist”).

I’ve been in 30 countries or so for the past 3 years (Australia, Belgium, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Monaco, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Vatican City State, Viet Nam).

I’ll probably travel 1 year more (Currently in Turkey. Dubai – Oman – Sri Lanka – India – England – Norway – Eastern Europe – Africa or South America or North America).

I’m trying to find a place to settle down and a job that I love to do for whole my life. Haven’t decided yet. But I’ll find it for sure.

Do you usually practice sports ? Another hobby ?

For now. Usually running. 3 days a week on average. 5 ~ 10 km (no matter in summer or winter).

No regular sports right now since I’m travelling. But climbing, snowboarding, tennis, etc. I enjoy all kinds of sports.

Have you ever gone for a hike ?

Everest base camp for 10 days in May in Nepal (Mainly dusty track, tracking lodge to lodge. spectacular paranomic view, not many birds but lots of yaks).

Milford sound track for 5 days in March in New Zealand (tracking hut to hut. from the start point to the finish point, So nature. Everything is wonderful. Track, waterfall, forest, valley, birds, small insects, plants, paranomic view. Perfect)

Mt Ranjani tracking for 4 days in April in Lombok. Indonasia. (Camping. the trail was dirty. But the mountain has the volcanic activity in the middle of the lake on a top. And hot spring. Enjoyable track.)

Tour du Mont Blanc for 6 days 180 km in September in Italy, France and Switzerland. (camping. Can experience 3 different countries’ cultures. Beautiful sceaneries. Green color lakes. Enjoyable all the way from the start)

The Eagle walk for 5 days in August in Austria (usually people do tracking lodge to lodge but I did camping. the last 6~7 stages of 32 stages are the best. Wild, rocky, sometimes dangerous, green field, forest. Enjoyable)

When did you walk on GR 20? How did you go to Corsica? Did you hike alone or with other people? Which way did you walk on the GR20? Where did you start ? Where did you finish ?

At the beginning of October (2016). By ferry from Genoa. Hiked alone. Started from Asco, finished in Castel de vergio. Very short tracking.


What was the context for you to want to go hiking on GR20 ? How did you prepare yourself to this target ?

I wanted to do the world famous dangerous hiking : the 4th stage – Cirque de la solitude (All the chains had taken off because of the tragedy happened a while ago). It was challenging to do it without chains. But I did it and was a bit disappointed.

If there were still chains it would not be dangerous at all.


Did not prepare myself to do the GR20. I think people with normal phisical condition can do it without any difficulties.

I decided to do it when I heard there is the most dangerous hiking on GR20.

Roughly, which material did you bring with you ?

Hiking backpack. (50 liters. 1.5 kg ) 2 liters of water. 2 Fast dry long-sleeve. A ultra light down jacket. A wind proof jacket. With a sleeping bag and a tent. With food (Bread, cheese, hams and sweets). Low-top hiking shoes.

What are your feedbacks ?

– Positives feedbacks : Beautiful nature. Hikers were nice (as always)


– Negatives feedbacks : I think GR20 should reopen the 4th stage ; Cirque de la solitude.

What was your favourite feedback ? And the worst ?

Beautiful nature but the most popular stage is closed.

If you should do again this hike, what would you change ?

Hiking southern part in late spring or early autume. With swimming pants. Probably come back later.

Which advices could you give to people whom are thinking to go for a GR20’s hike ?

Go to the 4th stage (Because it’s famous!) And then head to the southern part.

Would you like to suggest something ?

More advertisement ?? Some people said they’ve never heard of GR20…

But don’t do it too much I don’t want GR20 too crowded 🙂


Thanks you SeungJun for your interview !  Keep having fun on your travel ! 🙂

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